Jimmie's Rollerdrome
SINCE 1948
"Family owned and operated since 1948!"
Jimmies Rollerdrome was built by a merchant marine who had a dream of owning a roller rink. After serving his country the building process began. Once completed, "Jimmie's" opened for business on December 31, 1948. Since then, we have celebrated our opening day by throwing a New Year's Eve Late Skate in remembrance. Jimmie's wife, Marie, has worked and operated the business since his passing in March of 1988. Today, their children, grand children, and great grandchildren are employees at Jimmies helping pass on the skating tradition that was once handed down to them. Come visit our family and enjoy a day at JIMMIE'S!

Jimmie's Rollerdrome
115 Main St.
Elsmere, KY 41018

P: (859) 342.9848

E: info@jimmiesrollerdrome.com


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